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5 Ways to Honor Skin Care Awareness Month

The largest organ in our body, surprisingly, is our skin. This big surface does so much for us: it keeps germs out; it cools; it lets us feel sensations. So, how about treating our skin right this month and celebrating National Skin Care Awareness with these five ideas: 
Protect Your Skin 
Old sunscreen that’s expired loses its ability to protect our skin. So, check your expiration date and if it has passed, toss the old bottle and buy yourself a new sunscreen this month. Sunscreen is the most potent product we can use to protect our skin from the sun’s damaging rays and maintain our youthful, dewy glow. 
Rub A New Moisturizer Into Your Skin 
It can be light and thin or rich and creamy. Whatever your preference, the key is to hydrate your skin with something that feels nourishing to you. Go beyond moisturizing your hands and slide lotion all over your body, including your feet. We recommend you try ISDIN Uradin Lotion 10 for intense hydration. 
Give Your Skin A Laser Treatment 
Whether it’s wrinkles, sun spots, acne, or unwanted hair, expect all your skin worries to fade when you book yourself in for a laser treatment. Lasers give instant gratification for anyone looking to treat their skin this month. West Dermatology offers laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing. 
Feed Your Skin Antioxidants 
Eat vegetables and fruit to neutralize free radicals with antioxidants. Harmful things like alcohol, fried foods, and inflammation bombard our skin daily from the inside. Air pollution and UV rays bombard it from the outside. Help your skin regain its balance by eating the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables each day this month. And remember to eat all the other skin-benefiting foods, too. You can go nuts with almonds, spice it up with cinnamon, and amend your skin with avocado. You can also try this Sun ISDIN Softgel Capsules Antioxidant Supplement. 
Take Your Skin To Its Annual Exam 
You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to get your annual skin check-up. Your dermatologist will start by asking you a few simple questions about your skin. Then, they’ll gently examine it. There are about twenty square feet of skin on your body, and only one square foot of that is on your face. Although your face is the most visible part, other areas are more hidden but still essential to check, like your back. Your dermatologist will pay special attention to the spots and moles on your body. They’re looking for things like the size of moles, irregular borders, and specific colors. Expect them to ask you if you’ve noticed any changes to your moles over time. Our dermatologists can answer any other questions you have about your skin at your annual check-up. 
Our skin organ is massive at twenty square feet. All that skin needs protection and nourishment. September is the month to raise our awareness and start taking even better care of our skin. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment or treat your skin to one of the fabulous products from our online shop.

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